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Diamond grading report

As the name of the report suggests, it defines about the grading of a diamond. Grading basically tells where the quality of diamond relies. It is a significant part of any diamond that it is technologically analyzed to reflect even the minute aspects related to quality.
Majorly this report is based on the 4C’s of diamond – Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight. These are the four aspects on which the quality of a diamond depends.

Jewellery Analysis Report

Analaysis is an important step before proceeding with any jewellery item. These precious items are considered authenticated only when they are analyzed by the experts of the Industry. Professional with various laboratory tests try to assess the jewellery pieces and try to reflect them in this Jewellery analysis report. There are several steps before considering jewellery a perfect piece to display and sell. The report helps to build trust on the jewellery product.

Gemstones Identification Report

Identification of any gemstone is important because without identifying the originality of any gemstone it will not be considered of fine quality.
With the main focus of assessing the gemstones, the industry experts make sure to identify the quality of gemstones and bring them forth through the report.
In this identification report the gemstone is examined in a detailed manner as it makes it a necessary part to make each and every gemstone a perfect piece.

Evaluation of diamond service

According to the name of the service, it leads to the examination of the diamond in the form of knowing about its quality through – colour, carat weight, cut and clarity.
These points will reflect how pure the diamond is. Being a precious stone it goes through various processes and inspections before finalizing it for selling.
This service provided by GIS is something that builds trust in the mind of the seller as well as the buyer.

Assessment of Jewllery pieces service

After getting a brief about it, this can be understood that the evaluation of the jewellery pieces is a significant process in the whole idea of preparing that piece of jewellery for the final stage of selling.
To authenticate the precious item becomes necessary because any such piece cannot become validated until it is authorised by the industry experts. This authentication will definitely give an assurance of its purity and good quality.

Authentication Report of Gemstones

Whenever one tries to buy a gemstone it focusses on its authentication that is its originality because then only it will serve the best purpose for which it is designed. This report basically depicts the examination data of the gemstone and how it is pure and original in all the terms.
Any gemstone cannot be served raw for the purpose of selling without any authentication. With the main focus of assessing the gemstones, the industry experts make sure to identify the quality of gemstones and bring them forth through the report.

The certificate plays an important role and determines the weight and authenticity of gemstones. It is issued by the gemological industry and confirms the stones' authenticity.

The most common elements of the gemstone that are mentioned in the certification report are quality of gems, colour, cut, shape, specific gravity, refractive index, etc. However, the attributes of each report differ as they consider the different scientific approaches.

Most people buy gems but do not get the desired results as they are unaware of which certification they must go for. To get the desired results one must wear the gemstone free from any treatment.
So always buy gems certified by third-party labs such as IGI_GTL, IGI, GII, GRS, GISA, etc.