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Jewellery Verification

Certification and Verification At GIS

In addition to being one of the best Gemological Laboratories, GIS enables jewellers, jewellery brands, manufacturers, wholesalers, consumers, and the general public to obtain third-party certifications for loose and studded gemstones, diamonds, Rudraksha, and jewellery.

Diamond Lab Research

Having a diamond certification guarantees that the stone has been tested and is natural

Gemstone Research

GIS Labs offers honest results because they have access to testing equipment that jewellers and appraisers do not.

Jewellery Items Research

In the industry, GIS is considered to be the gold standard (literally). Grading diamonds and gemstones is our top priority, and we research them regularly, develop diamond testing tools, and train graduate gemologists around the world.

GIS Diamond Grading Reports

The credibility of a diamond's certification is enormous since small differences in its grading can make a huge difference in its value.

Lab Reports Of Precious Stones And Jewellery

The authenticity of a jewel is proven by its certification. GIS certifications help to level the playing field between diamond buyers and sellers.

GIS Customer Centric Certification Services

Experts at GIS offer diamond grading and jewellery verification services tailored to meet customers' needs.

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Our Quality Assurance Standards Have Been Set For Decades

Accuracy, Excellence & Quality Are Our Priorities At GIS

 Vestibulum aliquet quam eget tincidunt commodo. Sed iaculis ex ex, et pharetra neque elementum non. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.The Gemological Institute & Systems India (GIS) Laboratory employs accomplished gemologists to perform all tests. This has led to the organisation developing a niche within its industry.

As the Gem industry continues to flourish, Gemological Institute & Systems India (GIS) plans to launch significant Gemological Courses soon for interested professionals.

Lab Research

Accurate Lab report results

At GIS, we adhere strictly to industry guidelines. The diamond grading system we use is highly regarded by jewelers and experts in the field.

Guaranteed Certifications

Surety with Certifications

If you buy a diamond or gemstone with a certification, you can be assured that it is a natural stone and not lab-made.