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Best Results From Gemological Studies

A gemological institution and systems company (GIS) provides gemstone identification services, diamond grading services, and jewelry quality reports to professionals and the general public. In the Gemological Institute & Systems India (GIS) Laboratory, every test is performed by accomplished gemologists.

Diamond Grading Report

It is possible to verify your diamond grading report. To check certification, click on the image.

Analysis of Jewellery

It is possible for you to verify the jewelry analysis report. To check certification, click on the image.

Gemstone Verification

Gemstone identification reports can be verified. You can check the certification by clicking on the image.

About GIS

Your one-stop shop for gemological tests

GIS (Gemological Institute & Systems) has the unique ability to evolve along with market trends. As a result of this, the organization has developed a niche within the industry.

our services

We Provide Reliable Jewellery And Gems Analysis Results

Diamond Grading Results

A Diamond Grading Report at GIS is a tested and certified statement attesting to the authenticity of a diamond.

Jewellery Verification

In terms of analyzing and documenting finished jewelry items, GIS's expertise is unparalleled. Jewellery can be analyzed without disassembling.

Gemstones Verification

All gemstones are analyzed in GIS reports along with clear standardized photos, and certifications that show their craftsmanship details.

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Dedicated to Results

GIS is the largest organization of its kind in India, with laboratories spread across the country. Quality assurance and grading service for Natural diamonds, natural Gemstones, precious Jewellery, and testing the authenticity of Rudraksha.

Diamond Testing
Gemstones Analysis
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Award Winning

We Set The Standard Of Quality Assurance Since Decades

At GIS We Are Committed To Excellence & Quality

In the Gemological Institute & Systems India (GIS) Laboratory, every test is performed by accomplished gemologists. As a result of this, the organization has developed a niche within the industry.

Given the consistently flourishing Gem industry, Gemological Institute & Systems India (GIS) is planning to launch significant Gemological Courses for hopeful professionals and the general public in the near future.


99% Customer Satisfaction based on 1000+ reviews from our happy customers!

Diamond Verification

Trusted Grading and Analysis

Diamond Grading reports are a blueprint of a diamond’s properties that verify a diamond’s authenticity and quality. They can be used to explain color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

Gemstones Verification

Trusted Lab Reports

A gemstone verification report is a blueprint that describes a gemstone’s properties and confirms its authenticity. As well as explaining color, clarity, cut, and carat weight, they can also explain gemstone quality.

Our Aim

GIS Mission and Long-Term Objectives

With Lab Tested Reports, Diamond Gradings, and Jewellery Verification by our industry experts, GIS ensures the public trust in gems and jewellery.

Accuracy with DGR

When a diamond is inspected and graded by the Gemological Institute, it is provided with a Diamond Grading Report. A diamond's significant characteristics are detailed in this report.

Jewelry Certification

The key to determining the quality and properties of precious stones is to apply a number of quality parameters developed by the jewelry industry.

Cut and Carat

There are several factors to consider when buying a diamond, including its color, cut, carat weight, clarity, fluorescence, treatments, and others. A diamond's appearance and quality, as well as its price, are affected by these factors.


what they say about us ?

Happy to be associated with the GIS team. They are doing an amazing job. I purchased a solitaire diamond and gold ring, which were very carefully tested and certified by them.

Sant Ram

My precious jewellery piqued my curiosity about its authenticity. Then I discovered GIS, and they have very qualified and certified experts. With their expertise certification, now I am more satisfied with my precious jewellery.

Abhilas Gupta

It was definitely a good experience. It was new to me to know about diamond grading reports, but the GIS Team did an excellent job, and also briefed me on the process.

Puri Maha

I am a regular dealer and distributor of precious jewelry, and verification and diamond grading reports are very important to me. I appreciate the support and expertise provided by the GIS Team


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    We at GIS are committed to protecting the public trust, so we must represent the public’s interests. Diversity and inclusion are inseparable.


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